Research & Development

Research & Development

A natural drive for continuous improvement

Car mats of the very highest quality

We are always at the cutting edge when it comes to using the latest available technologies, and make constant investments in research and development. To ensure that our quality levels are always “top of the range”, we’ve devised and implemented unique and customised technological solutions and production processes over the years, which allow us to obtain excellent results during every stage of work.

Thanks to this natural drive for innovation, we are able to offer our customers a unique product made from high-quality raw materials, the fruit of over 40 years of experience and of our close relationships with leading car manufacturers.

Our goals

We are committed to constantly improving our products and developing new technologies to offer top performances to our customers.
Our Research & Development department is made up of experts who work in close contact with suppliers to find materials and develop innovative production processes. Specifically, our commitment is expressed in three main fields:

The search for new materials and technologies

The company invests constantly in research and development to find new materials and technologies which can improve the quality and performances of our car mats.

Safety testing

All UMBRANIA car mats undergo strict safety testing to ensure the highest levels of stability while driving.

Designing new products

The Research & Development department handles the development of new designs and ergonomic solutions for car mats, to meet the needs and specific requests of our customers.

Care, quality and innovation

Made in Italy Design

With the use of modern equipment in both the design and manufacturing stages, production is entrusted to expert hands with enormous attention dedicated to every detail, thus guaranteeing the highest levels of quality.

High-Quality Materials

We select our raw materials from the finest options available on the market and assemble components with care, while the special stitching around the edges guarantees the durability of all our products.

Ongoing Research & Development

Innovation is at the heart of our activities. Continuous research and technical development, as well as a fully internalised production chain, are the best ways to guarantee the quality of our car mats.


For over two decades, UMBRANIA has won the trust of drivers all over the world thanks to its dedication to excellence and innovation. Our car mats are designed to offer your vehicle maximum protection, keeping the inside of your car clean, safe and comfortable.

What sets us apart from other companies is our never-ending quest for perfection and our constant drive to set new standards in the sector. Our quality certifications are tangible proof of our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Design Made in Italy

La produzione, pur avvalendosi di moderne apparecchiature sia nella fase di progettazione che di realizzazione, viene curata nei dettagli da mani esperte che assicurano una qualità ai massimi livelli.

Materiali Di alta qualità

I materiali impiegati vengono selezionati tra i migliori sul mercato e la particolare cucitura dei bordi assicura una lunga durata.

Ricerca & sviluppo Costanti

Ricerca e sviluppo tecnico, controllo e sicurezza della qualità è un servizio conseguenza di tecnologie produttive avanzate e capacità innovative.

Customise your car mat

Design your custom car mat by selecting the model and colour and choosing from the various finishes available.