The Company

Our story

Over 40 years of experience in the automotive industry

Producing high-quality car mats since 1981.

UMBRANIA was founded in 1981 by Antonio Boldrini, the fruit of his long experience within the automotive industry. From the very beginning, the company specialised in the production of high-quality car mats using a wide variety of materials.

Starting in 1986, the company began to collaborate with some of Europe’s leading car manufacturers, building up strong relationships that allowed it to play an increasingly active role in the industry. During this time the company focused on continuous product development, without compromising on design and performances in relation to lifespan and the active safety of the vehicle, which has close links to car mats.

From 2003 to the present day, buoyed up by its extensive experience in the sector, UMBRANIA has established itself as a company that delivers excellence, showing itself to be a reliable production partner at the cutting edge of technology.


Thanks to the passion and perseverance of its founder, Antonio Boldrini, the UMBRANIA company has enjoyed constant growth over the years, rising to new levels of innovation and obtaining important certifications which include the quality system cert specifically for the Automotive sector (IATF 16949:2016).

Currently, the company is led by his son, Andrea Boldrini, who has developed an in-depth understanding of the sector and is utterly dedicated to the company, having spent his career advancing within it. UMBRANIA has confirmed its leading position as a producer of floor mats for vehicles, becoming the go-to partner for a number of manufacturers as well as for drivers seeking protection, comfort and style for their vehicles.

Thanks to our use of high-quality materials and cutting-edge production techniques, we guarantee products that will exceed the expectations of even our most demanding customers. Our attention to detail is what makes us stand out from the competition, allowing us to offer car mats which are built to last, resisting wear and maintaining an impeccable appearance over time.

The Company

Looking to the future, combining tradition and innovation!

Care, quality and innovation

Made in Italy Design

With the use of modern equipment in both the design and manufacturing stages, production is entrusted to expert hands with enormous attention dedicated to every detail, thus guaranteeing the highest levels of quality.

High-Quality Materials

We select our raw materials from the finest options available on the market and assemble components with care, while the special stitching around the edges guarantees the durability of all our products.

Ongoing Research & Development

Innovation is at the heart of our activities. Continuous research and technical development, as well as a fully internalised production chain, are the best ways to guarantee the quality of our car mats.


For over two decades, UMBRANIA has won the trust of drivers all over the world thanks to its dedication to excellence and innovation. Our car mats are designed to offer your vehicle maximum protection, keeping the inside of your car clean, safe and comfortable.

What sets us apart from other companies is our never-ending quest for perfection and our constant drive to set new standards in the sector. Our quality certifications are tangible proof of our commitment to customer satisfaction.

I Prodotti

Dallo studio si passa alla ricerca applicata per migliorare il prodotto finito in funzione dell’industria dell’auto, con accorgimenti stilistici e miglioramenti qualitativi di prodotti sempre più specifici, il tutto con crescente attenzione alla sicurezza attiva e passiva dell’auto.

Customise your car mat

Design your custom car mat by selecting the model and colour and choosing from the various finishes available.